Batuan Temple Bali: The best place get to know Bali's history and culture

?Batuan Temple

Batuan Temple is one of the temples in Bali with the attraction of Balinese culture and historical value. If you visit this destination, you will find historical relics from prehistoric times and at the same time as the best place to get to know Balinese culture.

Location of Batuan Temple Bali is very strategic and easy to find. Batuan temple is located in Batuan village precisely on the edge of the main road in Batuan village. Batuan temple is also close to several famous tourist destinations in Bali, such as Bali Bird Park, Bali Zoo, Kemenuh Butterfly Park, and Tegenungan Waterfall.

The strategic location and proximity to several famous tourist destinations in Bali make this destination very suitable for you to visit. With this, you can easily visit other tourist attractions without having to waste a lot of time on the trip.

Upon entering Batuan Temple, the first time you can see the main temple or the Balinese people calling by the name "Kori Agung". After passing through the main temple, you will see a large yard with several other buildings such as "Bale Kulkul" and "Bale Agung".

The central part of Pura Batuan is very suitable as a place for photos. This is because there are magnificent and tall temple buildings, where this area is very suitable to be used as the background of your photo. Usually, tourists are very happy to take pictures here and spend more time here.

If you enter further into the Batuan Temple area, you will enter the main temple area. In the main area of Batuan Temple, There are a number of buildings that are used as places of worship for the gods, or Balinese people call it the building with the name "Palinggih". In addition, there are also historical buildings in which one of the buildings is in the middle of the pond.

Because Batuan Temple is a temple sanctified by Balinese people, there are rules that you need to obey. His aims to maintain the sanctity of the temple and at the same time respect the culture in Bali. These rules include:

  1. For every tourist who visits Batuan Temple, they must use Kamben / Sarong.
  2. For menstruating women, it is forbidden to enter the Batuan Temple area.
  3. Always follow instructions from the management of Batuan Temple regarding the rules set for tourists.

Interested for visiting the Batuan Temple tourist destination and want to know more about Balinese culture? Visit Batuan Temple immediately and find out more about Balinese history and culture.

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