Wanagiri Hidden Hill

wanagiri hidden hill

Wanagiri Hidden Hill Buleleng is a brand new spot to visit in Bali. For you who like to capture some moment on social media, of course, this place is definitely perfect for you because there are so many Instagram able spots to captured.

Wanagiri name comes from the name of a village in Buleleng, which is located in the mountains area. Consists of two words, which Wana means Forest and Giri means Hill. This place is in the top of Buleleng's mountain so you can enjoy the beautiful charm of nature from the height. Wanagiri Hidden Hill is located in Wanagiri Village, Buleleng Bali. The way to the Munduk area. This hits tourist spot is quite close to Beratan Bedugul Lake, just a short drive up from Bedugul about 1 km.

In the beginning, this area was still a forest with thick trees. Many people feel that this area is haunted and is afraid of going through this area. But in the present, all changes because this popular place offers the natural beauty of Lake View along with unique photo spots! Besides the nature of the panorama, the coolness of the mountain area is ready to welcome you!

The most popular photo spots are ship shape spots, you can take pictures like popular poses in the Titanic movie. Your photos with the Lake view background will make your photos more artistic. There are also tied swings between trees, it's quite high above the lake and dangerous. But you don't need to worry because the locals are on stand by near the swing and will help you rise to the swing so you can free to swinging there. Not only that, there are many photo spots shaped like bird nests, paper boats, sunflowers and many more.

The photo spot in Wanagiri Hidden Hills has a very beautiful background from Lake Buyan with a view of clear blue water and towering green trees. For you who want to capture the moment in Wanagiri Hidden Hill, you shouldn't fear because in there you will get secure in every photo spot.

If you want to just take a rest while enjoying the view of Buyan Lake from above, you can stop by some of the cafes by locals that are now starting to be opened around the place of the photo. The cafe is very unique in Balinese design with wooden and bamboo style, which Balinese called it "Wantilan".

Are you decided to coming?

If you will visit Wanagiri Hidden Hills, Buleleng, we recommend you to choose a day with sunny weather, because when the weather is foggy, a few spots will be covered in fog. It would be more fun when coming to Wanagiri Hidden Hills with your family, partner or friends.